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Juno Productions is a full-service production studio for videography, photography, audio engineering, and custom music creation located in Calgary, Alberta.

We are passionate about visual storytelling, whether you're looking to share your brand, highlight a biopic, showcase your song with a music video or capture the soul of your music through cinematic storytelling.


We specialize in video production and have received international recognition for our films and music videos. We are multi-award winners for video editing and producing. 

We combine experience, artistry, business acumen, and exceptional customer service to provide the most comprehensive production services in the Calgary area and beyond.​

To bring your vision to life, connect with us today.




As an industry professional, Dean brings decades of cinematic expertise to Juno Productions. His diverse portfolio includes working on major motion pictures, photographing international artists, covering major news events, music video production, and audio engineering.


Dean has spent decades touring the nation with some of Canada's best musicians. However, his artistic talents spread beyond the realm of a professional musician. He's an award winning musician, director, and producer.


With a background as a multimedia designer, national newspaper editor, columnist, visual journalist, and cinematographer, Dean has tremendous production knowledge behind his creative expression.



Kelsey is a business-minded creative with an eye for design. She has extensive business management and production management experience. 


She believes that significant customer experiences happen not by accident but by design. Her business approach has the customer at the forefront to capture the soul of the story behind every project.


As a published author, Kelsey found a new form of expression through visual storytelling and is an award winning video editor and film producer.


With her passion for service, she aims to capture the essence of your brand and story through cinematic narrative.


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