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Listening to music is a visceral experience. At Juno, we plan, create, film, produce, direct, and edit official music videos for commercial release. 

Bring your songs to life with custom cinematography and licensed videography from industry professionals. We’ll put imagery to sound and help capture your vision. 

Lyric videos have become remarkably popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. Lyric videos are engaging and creative and can help you learn the lyrics to your favourite songs! View sample lyric videos on our gallery page.


Documentary Short, 'Portrait of a Race Car Driver,' featuring Brad Burgess.

We profile the lives of real people through cinematic storytelling.

Whether you are an athlete, entrepreneur, artist, business professional, philanthropist, or someone with a story, we'll help transform your life into art. 

If you want your memoir seen, we can make it happen.


Corporate projects entail pre-production planning, a half-day to multi-day production shoot, and a half-day to multi-day edit to produce a corporate video to your desired length. 

Here we have an example of a pre-production plan, half-day shoot, and half-day edit to produce a promotional video under 5 minutes long. 

We can add teasers and trailers to full-length video productions for promotion and marketing purposes. 


Magic happens in the studio. Our in-house audio specialist can compose and produce recordings and live performances for artists, bands, content creators, and authors.

We can create custom music composition for a project, video, website, social media, or marketing campaign. 

Our experienced team will balance and adjust sound sources using equalization, dynamic processing, audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound to bring soul to every project. 


Just Strong_edited_edited.jpg

At Juno, we offer creative or traditional headshots for professionals, artists or authors.



We offer artistic photoshoots for bands, groups, and families. If you have a vision for your shoot we'll make it happen or we can work with you to capture your image.


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